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In addition to "liking" the PTO Facebook Page, one of the best ways to stay connected is through the official grade-level Facebook groups. These groups not only share information about school and PTO events and grade-level parties and field trips, they also give parents the opportunity to ask each other questions such as information about homework assignments.

You must answer all of the questions to get accepted into the pages below - 

Kinder 2023-2024 (Class of 2036)

1st Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2035)

2nd Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2034)

3rd Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2033)

4th Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2032)

5th Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2031)

6th Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2030)

7th Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2029)

8th Grade 2023-2024 (Class of 2028)








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